Board Grades

HYDREX® sodium magnesium aluminosilicate and ZEOLEX® sodium aluminosilicate grades provide folding boxboard, white top, high brightness and opacity and reduce unattractive mottling. In addition to improving product aesthetics, they improve economics by reducing the need for expensive chemical pulp and can additionally cut costs by replacing titanium dioxide if needed.

Carbonless Copy Paper

For carbon-free copying, a paper must have fast color development, a high brightness and deliver uniform quality. This is exactly what ZEOCOPY™ sodium aluminosilicate offers reliable copying paper, without carbon, every time.

Mechanical Printing Papers

For newspaper, improved news-print, and directory paper HYDREX® and ZEOLEX® silica grades provide excellent brightness and opacity, improved color printability, less print-through in coldset-offset and flexo printing, and a higher friction during the winding process.

Fine Paper

Delicate papers such as envelope paper or thin printing paper are particularly at risk for print through. HYDREX® and ZEOLEX® silicates reduce print-through in flexo printing while simultaneously offering high opacity.

Specialty Paper Printing

In decor and filter tipping paper, HYDREX® and ZEOLEX® silicates offer titanium dioxide extension, superior brightness, and improved print quality.

Peroxide Bleaching

During the mechanical bleaching process, stabilizers are needed. ZEOPOL® liquid sodium silicate stabilizes hydrogen peroxide and additionally serves as a pH buffer and an aid in the complexation of metals.


ZEOCORE® is a modified liquid sodium-silicate based core adhesive which is ideal for high strength and heavy duty cores. It offers excellent core strength for a competitive price.

Retention Aids

For fine paper and board ZEOFLOC® silica grade offers excellent dewatering performance, improved filler and fiber retention, and good formation. ZEOFLOC® is a temperature activated polysilicic acid.