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Paints & coatings

Silica for TiO2 Extension

The ZEOLEX® line of amorphous silicates are high performing, large particle size and prime pigment extenders used primarily in flat white paints to extend Titanium Dioxide. Up to 20% of Titanium Dioxide can be replaced with ZEOLEX® products. Use of ZEOLEX® products results in a much higher contrast ratio, tint strength, and brightness while providing lower sheen than conventional mineral extenders. Additionally ZEOLEX® products allow much smoother, more seamless touch ups than competitive titanium dioxide extenders. For high quality paints, nothing compares to the seamless touch up that the ZEOLEX® series offers.

ZEOLEX® 330 is an amorphous sodium aluminosilicate powder for use in silica paints and silica coatings applications as a TiOextender and gloss sheen control agent. ZEOLEX® 330 provides excellent opacity, whiteness, brightness, flatting and scrub resistance for interior architectural formulations. For more information, click here. 

Evonik silica extender products offered regionally:
  • North America: ZEOLEX® 80 and ZEOLEX® 330

  • Asia: ZEOLEX® 330, ZEOLEX® 325 and ZEOLEX® 323

  • Europe: ZEOLEX® 330 and ZEOLEX® 98

Silica for Rheology and Thixotropic Enhancement

Greater rheology control. Quicker dispersion. Lower cost. Thixotropic. Yes, you can have all four. 

In addition to ZEOTHIX® 265's exceptional rheology enhancement, we have several other ZEOTHIX® products for rheology control in coatings:

ZEOTHIX® 95 can also be used as a cost effective silica for body patches and gel coats.

Silica for Superior Matting

ZEOTHIX® 95 is a finely milled, untreated precipitated silica which reduces the gloss of coatings. In solvent-based coatings, it also increases viscosity for settling resistance. In clear coatings such as lacquer or varnish, it offers exceptionally high clarity and transparency. Unlike other silicas for flatting, ZEOTHIX® 95 is not wax treated, which means exceptional clarity and much lower costs.

To achieve a gloss level ranging from 15 to 45, ZEOTHIX® 95 is used in applications such as: Pigmented Industrial Coatings, Clear Overprint Varnishes, Deck Stains and Fabric and Leather Coatings.