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Thickener/rheology silica

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  • ZEODENT® 153 Medium Viscosity Thickener

  • ZEODENT® 163 High Viscosity Thickener

  • ZEODENT® 165 High Viscosity Thickener

Evonik Silica Thickener Products

The rheological properties of dentifrice applications are critical in the manufacture/filling of toothpastes, and to long term stability and key consumer attributes and aesthetics. Evonik ZEODENT® thickeners can be used to develop the optimum rheological profile to support production and drive consumer preference for a toothpaste product. Dependent upon a customer’s need, Evonik thickeners can be used from 2 to 12 percent to provide the desired viscosity. These thickeners are also compatible with commonly used organic hydrocolloids. Evonik thickener products deliver over the entire range of rheological properties. Viscosity is a key predictor of long term product stability.

Stability is dependent on the formulation as a whole and is influenced by all of the toothpaste ingredients. A constant rheological profile over time and no syneresis (liquid separation) is the ideal combination that toothpaste formulators attempt to achieve. When using ZEODENT® dental cleaning silicas and thickeners in toothpaste, excellent storage stability critical for long product shelf life can be achieved (see graph below). When properly formulated, toothpaste products with ZEODENT® thickeners show no sign of liquid separation even after storage up to 50°C for long periods of time. In all cases, ZEODENT® silica-based formulations have proven to be stable with no long term change in the toothpaste properties once equilibrium has been achieved.