Customer Technical Support

Evonik has scientific applications laboratories in China, Europe, India and the U.S. The labs are staffed with technical service experts who continuously challenge themselves to develop innovative new dentifrice products and partner closely with customers to share insights and provide expertise on product selection and formulation.

With strategic lab locations around the globe, customers can depend on us to respond to customer technical inquiries and provide solutions to a variety of formulation needs. Our product portfolio goes through a rigorous and thorough screening and testing process to ensure you get only the highest quality silicas. Scientists at each laboratory location conduct an array of formulating and testing to guarantee only superior silica dental grades. Evonik comprehensive technical service capabilities are outlined below:

Technical Service Capabilities

Toothpaste Preparation
  • Ross DPM One-Gallon Mixers

  • Filling Capability

  • 100+ Formulations

Toothpaste Formulation
  • Whitening

  • Therapeutic

  • Clear Gel/Opaque

  • Children's Formulas

Tests for Cleaning and Thickener Silicas
  • Active Compatibility (NaF, CPC, etc.)

  • Refractive Index and Dentrifice Clarity

  • Einlehner Abrasion

  • PCR/RDA: Cleaning Performance (IU, MAL)

Dentrifice Testing
  • Fluoride Availability

  • Brookfield Viscosity

  • Specific Gravity

  • 25% pH

  • Haze and Clarity

  • Aesthetics Evaluation (Standup, Separation, Gloss, Smoothness, Color by Visual Assessment)