Oral Care Innovation

Oral Care Innovation

Evonik precipitated silicas have multiple applications in dentifrice products. We develop dental silicates over a wide range of structure and morphology that are tailored to deliver a number of performance benefits to meet specific customer needs. ZEODENT® dental silicas are compatible with a wide range of therapeutic active ingredients that are used in today’s multifunctional products. 


The cleaning/whitening performance in a dentifrice product can be controlled by using the appropriate Evonik dental silica, or a blended combination of Evonik Silicas. We offer a range of silica abrasives from high cleaning whitening products to standard cleaning silicas offering minimal tooth sensitivity. The toothpaste market is highly segmented with products customized to meet the needs of specific customer segments. Formulators design toothpaste products to deliver targeted performance using industry standard metrics for cleaning (Pellicle Cleaning Ratio) and abrasion (Relative Dentin Abrasion). Evonik cleaning silicas can be predictably selected to meet required product performance targets.


The aesthetics of dentifrice products is highly dependent on rheological properties. Evonik dental silicas can be used to deliver products that vary from liquids to high viscosity pastes. The primary role of Evonik thickener silicas is to control rheology in the manufacture and filling of dentifrice products, to and provide the appropriate aesthetic qualities and stability to the finished toothpaste product.Evonik cleaning silicas also contribute to the rheology of dentifrice applications and can be used with Evonik thickeners to achieve the desired viscosity.

Optical Properties/Product Clarity

By the selection of the appropriate Evonik dental silica, dentifrice products can be formulated to be clear, translucent or opaque. By closely matching the refractive index (RI) of the dental silica to that of the toothpaste humectant vehicles, an optically clear application can be achieved. In particular, the RI and transmission (%T) data are useful in designing products that range from crystal clear to opaque.

Compatibility with Active Ingredients

Another important characteristic of ZEODENT® precipitated silica products is excellent fluoride compatibility, independent of fluoride sources such as sodium fluoride (NaF) or sodium monofluoro phosphate (MFP). Alternative cleaning agents, dicalcium phosphate and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) do not offer similar fluoride compatibility. When properly formulated, ZEODENT® silicas can be used to obtain “seals of approval” by various professional organizations. The graph below shows the excellent compatibility of ZEODENT® silicas in toothpaste formulations.

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For high cleaning at low loading levels and excellent blocking of tubules, use SPHERILEX® 145 and 148 for whitening and sensitive toothpastes.

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