Cleaning/abrasive silica

Cleaning/abrasive silica

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  • ZEODENT® 113 Standard Cleaning Silica

  • ZEODENT® 124 Medium Cleaning Silica

  • ZEODENT® 103 High Cleaning Silica

Cleaning Silica Products

Evonik standard and medium cleaning silica products (ZEODENT® 113 and ZEODENT® 124) are typically used at a 10 to 30 percent loading level and provide the toothpaste formulation its cleaning properties. Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) and Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) are industry recognized measurements of toothpaste performance. Toothpaste formulated with ZEODENT® silica products have typical RDA values (Hefferren method) well below the American Dental Association (ADA) established maximum RDA level of 250. Evonik precipitated silica cleaning products are considered safe and effective in all dentifrice applications. ZEODENT® and ZEOFREE® silica products can also be tailored to specific optical properties critical to the manufacture of clear gel and translucent gel toothpaste, using Evonik proprietary Controlled Function Technology® services. The silica refractive index can be controlled so that when it is formulated into a dentifrice application, the resulting product is translucent or crystal clear dependent on the need of the customer. 

Evonik High Cleaning Silica Products

Evonik high cleaning silica (ZEODENT® 103) offers outstanding cleaning/whitening. This product is ideal to meet the growing global demand for whitening dentifrice applications. It can be used as a single cleaning agent or blended with Evnoik standard dental cleaning silica products. For example, Evonik high cleaning silica ZEODENT® 103 can be used to boost the cleaning of ZEODENT® 113. In this case, the use level of the high cleaning silica is typically 1 to 10 percent. By replacing a small amount of standard cleaning silica with ZEODENT® 103, a standard formula can be upgraded to a high performing whitening product without a complete reformulation. ZEODENT® 103 high cleaning silica can also be used as the primary cleaning silica at five to 20 percent loading levels to deliver thehighest level of cleaning performance.