Crop protection

Crop protection

Many powdered pesticide formulations are adversely affected by moisture, humidity, the presence of viscous liquids, and static charge. The caking, clumping, and loss of free flow that result can render a formulation inefficient, difficult to handle and virtually impossible to disperse. ZEOFREE® 5162 and ZEOLEX® 7A can be used in pesticide formulations to eliminate these adverse effects.

During manufacture, many wettable powders cake, bridge, or stick to processing equipment. Frequently poor flow of powdered products results in packaging problems. ZEOFREE® 5162 and ZEOLEX® 7A improve flow through processing and packaging equipment by acting as grinding and milling aids, improving the flow properties of the substrate, controlling relative humidity during the process and reducing build-up of the product due to static charge. Evonik silicas can also be used to  purge conveyor, screw or spray drier systems.






Silicon Dioxide

Fine Powder

High Absorption Capacity


Silicon Dioxide


High Density, Low Dust, Excellent Flow


Silicon Dioxide 

Fine Powder 

Very Fine Powder 


Sodium Aluminosilicate

Fine Powder

Low Cost Carrier


Calcium Silicate

Fine Powder

Extremely High Carrying Capacity


Grinding Aids

Many products have a tendency to re-agglomerate immediately after milling. The use of ZEOFREE® 5162 and ZEOLEX® 7A as a grinding aid can prevent this. Thus wettable powders do not cake in mills, clog screens or conveying systems and, more important, the milled product maintains the desire size and does not cake in storage.

Suspension, Resuspension, Dispersability

The improved free flow properties imparted to the powdered substrate by the conditioner in conjunction with the hydrophilic nature of the silica products results in improved wettability of the conditioned substrate. These synergistic properties provide fast, lump-free dispersion, prevent hard settling during storage and make resuspension easier.

Parting Agents - Free Flow

The fine particle size of ZEOFREE® 5162 and ZEOLEX® 7A gives a sufficient number of particles to coat the surface of the substrate. This coating maintains separation of the particles of a wettable powder. This parting action promotes free flow and prevents caking of the substrate.


Because of their high liquid absorptive capacity, Evonik synthetic silicas are used in turning liquid active ingredients into wettable powders and water dispersible granules (WDGs). Once such liquid materials are turned into powder form, they can be handled and metered accurately, with no caking or bridging. In addition, the hydrophilic nature of the surface results in a quantitative release of ingredients in use when added to water since water has a greater affinity than other liquids for the silica surface.

Moisture Absorbents

Most formulations are sensitive to moisture and contain ingredients which have critical humidity levels: humidities below which they do not absorb moisture, and above which they absorb moisture and cake. ZEOFREE® 5162 and ZEOLEX® 7A absorb moisture over a wide range of humidities and thus protect moisture sensitive formulations by preferentially absorbing the moisture. This unique property of silicas and sodium aluminosilicates affords moisture protection to wettable powder formulations over a wide range of exposure conditions.