Anti-caking, carriers & flow aids

Anti-caking, carriers & flow aids

For the Food Industry

Moisture, pressure and temperature all adversely affect powdered and granulated products. These conditions can make products cake, lump, bridge, clog equipment and cause packaging and performance problems. Use our silica to:

  • Prevent caking

  • Improve flow and increase packaging rates

  • Reduce or eliminate build up in spray drying operations

  • Decrease Dusting

  • Eliminate lumps

  • Efficiently absorb liquids, fats, and oils for powdered food applications

  • Decrease clogging and bridging during production


Anti-Caking and Free-Flow Agents:

Evonik silica and silicate products work as anti-caking / free-flow agents by coating the surface of the host powder, thereby reducing interparticle interactions caused by sticky particles touching one another. The absorption of excess liquids, fats and oils prevents the binding of powder particles. Evonik Silica products are ideal for use in Chili Powder, Powdered Eggs, Salt, Seasoning Mixes and many other food applications. To learn more about how our scientists work with our customers to solve free-flow problems, read our formulation guidelines.

Efficient Liquid Absorption (Carriers): 

Silica carrier products absorb substantial amounts of liquids, yet they remain free-flowing with powder-like characteristics. The ease of handling highly viscous is extraordinarily simplified by using Silica carrier agents. Carrier products work by first absorbing the liquid onto the carrier. Then, when the product is put into an aqueous system, the “carried” liquid is released and ready to be activated.

Process Aids:

Our silica products for food applications make manufacturing more by preventing powders from sticking to machinery and clumping, ensuring that they flow smoothly and quickly from one step to the next. For example, for larger particle size carriers. We utilize a unique process that provides up to higher density than the traditional nozzle spray dried silica carrier products. This high density, low dust silica, provides better handling, processing, and increased plant manufacturing capacity. The low dust also improves flow, packaging, and package sealing. Simply switching to a Evonik carrier product saves time and money!

Food Chemistry Expertise 

Evonik prides itself on its ability to collaborate closely with customers, working together to determine the best silica or silicate for their formula's unique mix of ingredients. Our scientists can help you navigate the many factors to consider when choosing a silica, including particle size, absorption, dust, point of addition to mixture, and mixing time.