Animal feed & nutrition

Animal feed & nutrition

Solving Customer Problems through Advanced Product Technology and Dedicated Application Support

Evonik precipitated silicas and silicates in animal health and nutrition formulations serve as anti-caking and free-flow agents and as carriers for liquid to powder conversions.

We understand the problems you encounter with caking and lumping during production, processing, storage and customer use. With the Evonik diverse product line-up and unparalleled technical support and customer service, we will provide the optimal solution for your application. Our general approach to solving your caking and lumping issues is as follows: 

  • Coating the surface of powder, thereby reducing interparticle interactions

  • Interspersing and preventing interparticle interactions

  • Preferentially absorbing moisture to prevent bridging between particles

  • Absorbing fats and oils to prevent non-aqueous bridging between particles

Evonik carriers are powders that absorb liquids into their pores turning the liquid into a free-flowing powder. Evonik carriers are available in a range of particle sizes and base chemistries.